Zonta Club of Macau 2nd Anniversary

Zonta Club of Macau

Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture of the Macau SAR Government, Dr Tam Chon Weng, Consul-General of Portugal in Macau and Hong Kong, Dr Vitor Sereno, and Deputy Head of the Coordination Department of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Macau SAR, Mr Bian Tao were the Guests of Honour of the event accompanied by Chartered President of Zonta Club of Macau, Ms Christiana Ieong.

Among the invited guests were Consul General of Israeli Consulate General in Chengdu, Mr Amir Lati, representative of the National People’s Congress of Macau SAR, Ms Leong Iok Wa, President of Social Welfare Bureau, Mr Iong Kong Io, Deputy Director of Finance Services Bureau, Ms Chong Seng Sam, Coordinator of the Support Office (Macao SAR Government) of Permanent Secretariat of Forum for Economic and Trade Co-operation between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries, Ms Teresa Mok, Deputy Director of Social Welfare Bureau, Mr Hon Wai, Principal of Lingnam Middle School, Ms Ao Cam Iong, Chairman of The American Chamber of Commerce in Macau, Mr Paul Tse, Founder of Sniper Capital (Macau) Ltd, Mr Tom Ashworth, Committee Member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference of Beijing, Mr Eric Ho, representatives of the Zonta Club of Hong Kong, members of Zonta Club of Macau and friends dedicated to women and children social welfare who also joined together to share the joyful moment.

During the Anniversary Dinner, Ms Christiana Ieong highlighted the works Zonta Club of Macau carried out in the past year and expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the Macao SAR Government for inviting Zonta Macau to participate in the Committee of Women and Children Affairs. With this exceptional opportunity to serve more women and children, Ms Ieong denoted that Zonta Macau will continue to closely monitor the implementation of the Law on Preventing and Combating Domestic Violence while hoping the Government will look into the need to revise the adoption regulation and establish legislation against sexual harassment. Ms. Ieong also recited an encouragement message by the Honorary Chartered Patron of Zonta Club of Macau, Ms Pansy Ho. Ms. Ho congratulated Zonta Macau for the achievements and the anniversary, she made special thanks to those who have played a part in the success of the Club and encouraged continuous commitments from members and supporters.

All guests were deeply touched by the support and generosity of the Consul-General of Portugal in Macau and Hong Kong, and astonished by the elegant ambience of his Official Residence. As Ms Ieong depicted, this magnificent building marked the unique testimony of Macau’s preservation of a World Heritage site. Cheerful guests mingled as they relaxed into the poetic ambience of the venue. With the support and guidance from all sectors of the community, Zonta Club of Macau will continue to grow and serve the society modestly as a bridging platform that aims to generate greater social cohesion. As the friendship between China and Portugal strengthens with time, mutual blessings were exchanged on such memorable occasion.