Tastes from around the world

JW Marriott

This summer, JW Marriott Hotel Macau invites visitors to take a whirlwind tour of gourmet tastes from around the globe. From international preparations of ocean-fresh seafood, authentic Hakka Cuisine, to creative burger recipes inspired by the world’s top culinary destinations – JW Marriott Hotel Macau is the place to taste the world without leaving Macau.

Urban Kitchen, JW Marriott Hotel Macau’s signature all-day dining buffet destination, is celebrating the freshest flavors of summer with the Live Seafood Promotion from 1 July to 31 August and to represent the living heart of Macau’s extraordinary heritage as a little fish village 400 years ago. Diners can sample six different internationally inspired seafood dishes prepared by designated chef to ensure high standard in food quality that will exceed guest’s expectation. One of the three selective seafood dishes including Flambé fresh shrimp with yellow wine, fried clams with black bean sauce and fried mussels with white pepper on champagne will be prepared live for diners’ mealtime enjoyment per day while steamed barramundi fish with XO sauce, steamed scallop with shallot oil on truffle paste and deep fried shrimp ball with strawberry mayonnaise will be available as buffet selections.

At JW Marriott Hotel Macau’s Man Ho Chinese Restaurant, diners will discover a menu of traditional Hakka cuisine from now until 31 July. As guests explore the culinary art of Hakka Chinese dishes, thoughtfully prepared by Man Ho Chinese Restaurant’s expert team of chefs, they can sample Marinated Pork Tripe served with Purple Chinese Yam and Pumpkin Flavored with Osmanthus Honey; Hakka Spicy Chili Tiger Prawn and more. In addition, our delectable chefs added an extra touch on the traditional Hakka dish receipt. For example, one of the signature dishes Baked Chicken in Salt and Steamed Grouper with Hakka Dried Meat and Spicy Sauce is cooked in a way to keep the meat ultra-juicy and tender which stands out from the original one.

The Lounge at JW Marriott invites lunchtime diners to “Meat The Best Burger in Macau” From now until 31 August, guests can unwind in The Lounge’s relaxing atmosphere and choose from an international lunch menu of burgers at Mop98** with salad or French fries; including the Indian Lamb Burger with a minced lamb patty, spices and green raita sauce; the Cordon Bleu Burger featuring a chicken breast filled with ham and cheese and in crispy bread crumbs; and the Shroom & Avo – a healthy choice with a grilled marinated Portobello mushroom, cheese and guacamole.

This summer, visit JW Marriott Hotel Macau and take a tour of the world’s finest gourmet experience without setting foot on a plane.

To enroll for dining reservations, please call +853 8886 6228 or email
Man Ho Chinese Restaurant: mhrs.mfmjw.mgr.manho@marriotthotels.com
Urban Kitchen: mhrs.mfmjw.urban.kitchen@marriotthotels.com
The Lounge: mhrs.mfmjw.lounge@marriotthotels.com