The Taste of Togetherness with Mooncakes

JW Marriott

The Mid-Autumn Festival is knocking at our door, bringing the brightest and roundest moon of the year and inspiring everyone to give thanks for the reunion. This year, surprise friends and family with an exclusive mooncake collection from JW Marriott Hotel Macau. The collection is an indulgent way to say happy Mid-Autumn Festival; featuring 8 flavors of mooncake of the most sought after Oriental flavors presented at exquisitely designed box. Then, for an extra special treat, visit Man Ho Chinese Restaurant which is revisiting the well-loved flavor, Pork Mooncake. This year’s exquisite delights are sure to make the best gift to express gratitude to your family, while rejoicing in the spirit of togetherness.

JW Marriott Hotel Macau Mooncake Collection
Available only at JW Marriott Hotel Macau, this indulgent mooncake collection features eight flavors, for a joyful taste of the season: Fresh Meat with XO Sauce, a special homemade recipe curated by Chef Cao from JW Beijing Central Yuecai, Preserved Ham and Assorted Nuts, White Lotus Paste with Egg York, Red Lotus Paste with Egg York, Supreme Custard, Red Wine Cranberry, Purple Sweet Potato and Pandan Paste. Originally priced at MOP338 per set, early birds will be delighted to enjoy discounted prices running up to the Mid-Autumn Festival period: MOP237 by September 10, 2017. For group orders, guests will enjoy discounted prices of MOP220 for any order of 75 boxes or above; and MOP203 for any order of 200 boxes or above.

Pork Mooncake Dim Sum at Man Ho Chinese Restaurant
Savor the delicate balance of classic and innovative flavours with a Pork Mooncake at Man Ho Chinese Restaurant, inviting for guests to relish this innovative and healthy combination of the authentic Chinese pork pastry. When sliced open, the mooncake reveals rich ground pork filling and crispy, delicate pastry. The meat of the mooncake is carefully cooked with Iberian pork, ginger juice and fresh onion; coupled with crispy skin made by plant-based pork oil; which will surely set your taste buds alight. Priced at MOP48* for three pieces, the Pork Mooncake is available as a dim sum offering during lunch at Man Ho Chinese Restaurant, until the Mid-Autumn Festival. Limited quantity available daily.

JW Marriott Hotel Macau Mooncake Collection

Order Period
From now – October 4, 2017
Redemption Period

From September 8, 2017 – October 4,2017
MOP338 per set

Early Bird Price:
MOP237 (ordered by September 10, 2017)

Group Order price:
MOP220 (Order 75 boxes or above)
MOP203 (Order 200 boxes or above)


8 pieces of mooncakes of different flavors, including:
· Fresh Meat Mooncake with XO Sauce
· Preserved Ham and Assorted Mooncake
· White Lotus Paste Mooncake with Egg Yolk
· Red Lotus Paste Mooncake with Egg Yolk
· Supreme Custard Mooncake
· Red Wine Cranberry Mooncake
· Purple Sweet Potato Mooncake
· Pandan Paste Mooncake

Man Ho Chinese Restaurant, Pork Mooncake Dim Sums

Order Period
From now – October 4, 2017

Serving Time
Lunch Period

MOP48* for 3 pieces