Rosenthal meets Versace New Collection

I love Baroque
The legacy of Versace and its fascination for glorious epochs remains opulent yet renewed in a pure style, making the new I love Baroque collection enduring and timeless. The 2017 dining collection from Rosenthal meets Versace reinterprets the heritage of the brand with refined decorations of the Baroque era in signature tones of black, white and gold. The gold Medusa draws the eye to the centre of the plate while recurrent neo-classic symbols interchange in geometric circle bands. Signature of the Baroque print, urns, laurels and ornaments stand out on a matt, especially colorfast black or white background, all enriched with gold.

Rosenthal New Collection
In his new creation, Geode, French designer Cédric Ragot has flawlessly combined the mineral content and structure of rocks with a smooth vase design. As in his earlier works for Rosenthal, Ragot has managed to find unity in apparently distinct contrasts: elementary forces of nature and disparate textures, both matt and gloss, captured in a porcelain jewel. It is available in black, white, platinum and titanium-coated gold.

Eating together, having a good time and celebrating life – the new Rosenthal Junto design innovatively and playfully brings together people and their love of good food from all over the world. A subtle fusion of fine porcelain, sumptuous ceramics and warm wood enables all manner of combinations for any cuisine. To provide an appropriate contrast to the fine porcelain, the collection offers the major pieces as vibrant, earthy stoneware with a special reactive glaze. With muted colours and organic shapes, the handcrafted look is unmistakable. All these make Junto an understated platform for modern dining without borders, but with a generous helping of individual style.