Rolling Puppet and David Glass Ensemble

Rolling Puppet

International theatre director, performer teacher and leading creative thinker David Glass arrives in Macao from 19th-30th June to teach a workshop for innovative Rolling Puppet Alternative Theatre in Macao.

Dialogue of the cities — Physical and Object Theatre & Devising Workshop by David Glass (Phase 1) by Rolling Puppet Alternative Theatre Macao
A workshop exploring Physical Theatre, Objects, Space, Puppetry and Devising from 19th-30th June.

David will also deliver a key note speech and workshop at Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, and to work with newly founded stellar theatre company Theatre Ash from the 3rd-22nd July 2017 in Hong Kong.

‘Creative Process: Modes, Models and Care at 10:35 on 15th of June. David will deliver a key note speech as part of Innovation in Performing Arts and Education Symposium at Hong Kong academy of performing Arts 15th-17th of June.

Devising Phase 2 and open-rehearsal of ‘City Of Darkness’ for Theatre Ash, Hong Kong.
David will be continuing to direct Theatre Ash’s spectacular debut based on Kowloon Walled City with some of Hong Kong’s most innovative artists, with an informal preview of work-in-progress, 3rd-22nd July. Preview by invitation only, 21st and 22nd July.

Since 1979 David Glass has been a regular visitor to Hong Kong. He has taught and influenced two generations of performers including Jim Chim, Olivia Yan, Indy Lee, Bonni Chan. With this visit he consolidates all aspects of his work in Devised Physical Theatre as he will be teaching a two week workshop in object, space and puppetry for Rolling Puppet Alternative Theatre in Macao, giving speech and workshop in Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts and directing a stellar company Theatre Ash.