Ox Warehouse Children’s Artland 2017

Ox warehouse

Ox Warehouse will present the opening ceremony of Ox Warehouse Children’s Art land 2017 on 5 August at 5pm at Ox Warehouse, with a shadow play performed by children of OxWarehouse workshop. The exhibition starts from 6 August to 27 September 2017, with free admission.

This year, returning to a more pure form, the Ox Warehouse Children’s Art land – without defining any theme and format – evolves naturally from the 2016 edition, building upon OxWarehouse’s 15-year experience in organizing this event and following the flow of the moment. In the 2017 edition, we focus more on an orientation of ‘children lead, tutor guides’, trying to encourage the little ones to explore their own talent and promoting their creativity.

The final result is this cross-media visual exhibition encompassing shadow puppetry, display of picture books and also spaces for specific activities, where visitors can see experimental, fanciful works accessible to viewers of any age, or background.