MGM Haircuts and Home Cleaning for Senior

MGM China

Staying committed to serving the local community, MGM began celebrating Chinese New Year through “Haircut for Love” and “Spring Clean for Love” programs, bringing warmth and joy to 365 senior citizens from Asilo de Santa Maria and Centro de Dia Brilho da Vida in mid-January.

Spring Clean for Love
For the sixth year, MGM visited Centro de Dia Brilho da Vida of Caritas Macau to clean the homes of senior citizens. In Chinese traditions, a clean home symbolizes welcoming freshness and good fortune in the New Year. On January 20, MGM’s senior executives led a team of 160 volunteers, including nearly 50% who are management team members, to Fai Chi Kei Social Housing Unit and cleaned 220 homes in a bid to welcome the Year of the Rooster with the senior citizens. MGM also prepared its homemade Chinese New Year Red Banners (Fai Chun), and placed them on doors and windows as decorations. In addition, a Goodie Bag with a specially-designed MGM 9th Anniversary towel set was given to every home, wishing them a year of health and happiness. Since 2010, MGM’s Volunteer Team has cleaned a total of 900 households for senior citizens.

Haircut for Love
For the fourth year running, MGM hosted the “Haircut for Love” program on January 9, 10 and 12. A total of 30 Volunteer Haircut Team members set out to two local elderly centers, Asilo de Santa Maria and Centro de Dia Brilho da Vida, and provided complimentary haircuts for 145 senior citizens including those with health issues and mobility impairment, giving them refreshing makeovers in preparation for the Chinese New Year. Alongside the haircuts, the Team also chatted with the senior citizens to deliver care and love.

Established in 2015, the MGM Volunteer Haircut Team with its 34 members, has provided complimentary haircuts on a monthly basis, giving a total of 900 local senior citizens fresh hairdos with positive community feedback.

Mr. Paul Pun, Secretary General of Caritas Macau, said, “I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to MGM and its Volunteer Team for their continuous dedication in the well-being of our senior citizens. It is always the small touch, a caring gesture and an attentive demeanor that makes a difference in the lives of others, especially to our friends at the seniors’ centers. We look forward to bringing more merriment to the seniors and to the local community together with MGM.”

Mr. Grant Bowie, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of MGM China Holdings Limited, said, “As a corporation with significant footprint in Macau, we are proud that the Golden Lion Team is able to bring joy and make a difference for the senior citizens who have dedicated their lives to create a better tomorrow for Macau. It has always been a rewarding and humbling experience to serve our local community, and I would like to thank our team members for putting in their time and effort to consistently create special moments for the senior citizens.”

These meaningful events would not have been possible without the kind investment of time and talent from our Golden Lion Team. MGM is committed to motivating its team members to reach their full potential as professionals and as people, enabling them to make a real difference in serving our community. We are proud that our team members have already helped many individuals on a personal level, and that they have been able to spread love and compassion to people during this festive occasion.

Ms. Lao Wai I from Table Games, one of the Volunteer Team members who have participated in both events, said, “Despite the heavy workload, I feel rewarded with the sincere appreciation and smiles from the senior citizens. It is a meaningful experience to be able to do something that lights up someone else’s day; and to be able to this collectively as a team with my colleagues makes it more gratifying. Serving the community is not one-way, because the joy and connectedness we feel in return is much more powerful. I’m glad that I’m able to participate in different community activities with MGM throughout the years, because it helps to give me a better perspective in life.”