Macau Original Melodies Vol.4

Supported and funded by Macao Foundation, produced by local artiste Hyper Lo and released by record label SP Entertainment, the charity music album Macau Original Melodies Vol.4 (MOM 4) presented by a group of 8 local singers, including David Chan, Anabela Ieong, Fanny Cheong, Hyper Lo, Josie Ho, AJ, Cherry Ho and Jose Rodrigues, was officially released yesterday for the four consecutive year. The album release ceremony received venue support from Macau Tower and is held at the lower ground of the Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Center. All proceeds generated from sales will be donated to the beneficiary–the Macau Association of Support for the Disabled. The album is now available in designated local CD stores and supporting local SME. The songs are also available on major online music platforms.

The album release event was kicked off by an opening performance brought by members of the Macau Association of Support for the Disabled and “Heart in Macao” Portuguese Folk Dance Company, with individuals in wheelchairs performing in a folk dance together with the whole. The dance requires terrific collaboration between the physically handicappedand theable-bodied dancers and aims at reflecting Macau as a harmonious and accommodating society. The performance was warm received with big applauses by the audience. Members of the two associations were invited to perform this dance inside and outside of Macau to showcase the unique Portuguese culture.

The eight singers also showed their gratitude to all sponsors, supporting entities of the album, as well as the musicians who volunteered in composition, by presenting them the autographed albums and handwritten cards. They also performed some of the songs collected in the album live and the event is concluded by an autograph session.

The officiating guests of the ceremony include: Chu Miu Lai, Member of the Administrative Council of the Cultural Industries Fund of Macau SAR; Au Weng Chi, Director of Macao Foundation; Patrick Wu, Director of Food & Beverage of Macau Tower; Jones Chong Cho Lam, Chairman of the Macau Artistes Association; Ho Kuok Meng, Secretary General of the Macau Association of Support for the Disabled; Hyper Lo, producer of MOM 4 and singer representative David Chan.

Hyper Lo said it was not easy for Macau Original Melodies to have come to its fourth year. He appreciates the great support of the government and people from different sectors for their kindness, “I’m very thankful that the Macau Original Melodies has become a widely recognized local music brand. It is not only promoting local music, but also spreading our influence to raise people’s awareness and attention to the underprivileged. This year, we are very happy to work with the Macau Association of Support for the Disabled. Their positive attitude and determination to involve themselves in the society is worthy of respect. We hope people get to know the positive side of the physically handicapped and give them support to construct a barrier-free society.”

Ho Kuok Meng said, “Despite our physical impairment, we can still engage in arts and creation as it’s a border-less realm. Arts has provided the physically handicapped a wide platform to show our passion in life and demonstrate our talent as well. We are very glad to be invited by this group of warm-hearted singers to work out this album together. We can feel their genuine kindness and eager to help throughout the whole process and we are very touched that they dedicate their time and efforts to help raise fund for us.”

The Macau Original Melodies music brand aims at uniting the power of local singers, spreading love and positive energy to the society through music production and raising people’s attention to different underprivileged groups. This album has been highly rated among the society since its launch in 2013. This year, the eight singers continue to shoulder this mission and invite the Macau Association of Support for the Disabled to be the beneficiary to promote the idea of a barrier-free society. The album sells MOP 120 each and is now available in a list of local selling points and online music platforms. All proceedings will be donated to the beneficiary for operational expenses.

The album collects a total of 9 songs, in which the song “Beauty of Imperfection” promotes the ideal state of a harmonious society with the physically-handicapped and the able-bodied. All songs are not only dedicated to the physically handicapped but also to everybody as we are all not perfect.

Sponsors and supporting entities of Macau Original Melodies Vol.4
Sponsors: Macao Foundation
Venue support: Macau Tower
Media sponsor: TDM, Macau Cable TV
Mobile media sponsor: MOME TV
Wardrobe sponsor: Backstage Channel
Supporting entities: Macau Artistes Association, Vang Kei Hong Group Limited, Smart Home, JR Makeup & Hair Pro,Salut, ça va ?,NR Studio, DK Factory, 維美致傳, 珠海淇澳蟬意民宿
Locations for sale: Centro Audio Visual Tin Vek, Village Mall, Akia House, Pure’ chic, Sumo Sushi, Royal Lemon, Music Cracker, M&S Café