Grandeur Wedding at Grand Hyatt Macau

Grand Hyatt

"Tell your love story with colors"

For when it comes to weddings, color schemes reflect not just a couple’s preferences but their personalities as well. Grandeur Weddings at Grand Hyatt Macau offers five different color themes, the ultimate range of services and facilities ensures engaged couples get the best possible start on the road to matrimonial bliss. Newly-unveiled facilities, including the Experience Center as wedding showroom, The Bridal Residence and the Wedding Suite, offer an immersive experience where couples can ensure their special day is as fantastic and glamorous as they always dreamed it would be.

Stylish Selections
When it comes to the wedding reception décor, all eyes will be on the tables. Get inspired by these tasteful chic colors, refined textiles, and luxe details. These table tops are enchanting inspiration for a totally couture celebration. The hotel offers betrothed couples the opportunity to choose from five stunning color schemes:

Turquoise - feminine and sophisticated
Glitter Orange - the warmth and richness of orange are fun and festive
Mysterious Purple & Silver - enchanting, glamorous, fashionable and chic with silver
Green Organza - shades of green to add a hint of freshness
Magnificent Red - represents luck, deep romance and passion

If this is not enough, couple can pick and choose their own theme at the Experience Center.

Perfect Planning
As the first stop on the way to a perfect wedding, the Experience Center invites couples to free their imaginations. Cutting-edge audio-visual equipment projects a special wedding presentation on an impressive LED wall in the foyer of the showroom, offering the betrothed a glimpse of ceremony possibilities and helping them visualize their venue, bringing it to life before their eyes.

In Chinese culture, it is customary for the bride’s parents to present wedding gifts to the groom’s family in wooden camphor chests. To honor this cherished tradition, the hotel uses transparent camphor chests to display the range of available table linens in different styles and colors. A selection of floral centerpieces and candles are on display, and a wide range of napkin rings are artfully presented in elegant jewelry boxes, inviting couples to pick and choose.

Following this stage of their wedding journey, couples are invited to sit down with wedding planners to review the wedding packages on offer before going on a tour of the event spaces.

The Bridal Residence
When the big day finally arrives, The Residence beckons. Located off the Ballroom, The Residence offers a home away from home for the day. The spacious room has everything needed for the day, including a makeup room with a massage chair, a private bathroom and a changing room.

In addition to these essentials, the custom bar area inside the Residence will make for the perfect venue for couples to have drinks and snacks with family and friends. Furthermore, a dedicated wedding butler will be on hand throughout the day to ensure couples are suitably pampered and taken care of on their big day.

A Suite for my Sweet
For couples who will spend the night of their wedding at the hotel, the Wedding Suite awaits. As with the rest of their wedding, the room can be tailored according to the couple’s wishes down to every last detail. Bedding, towels, bathrobes and even the suite's dining table can be set up to match the theme of the wedding reception. The hotel provides a kit for the morning after complete with honey, mints and candies to help refresh the newlyweds. It’s these touches that ensure couples enjoy their wedding to the fullest.

Grandeur Weddings at Grand Hyatt Macau ensure your wedding is everything you have always dreamed it would be because your wedding day doesn’t deserve to be just good, it deserves to be GRAND. Plan now and discover the beauty of #LivingGrand.