Della Ding 10th anniversary concert at Broadway


Since her debut, Ding has become a beacon of talent, being called upon to record a variety of both classic songs and new-age hits for popular television dramas. In 2015, she became further renowned for her gifted voice when she won the coveted title of “The Masked Singer”.

This evening’s concert at Broadway Theatre began with popular, dynamic song – Give me One Love, then evolved into a captivating delivery of love songs that seemed specially made for Ding’s enchanting voice, including the likes of Heart of Palms and Unable to Guess. The songs fully demonstrated the stage charm of Ding as they enraptured the audience for the beauty of the lyrics and tunes of the melodies. Apart from the spellbinding songs, a Kiss Cam session was also designed especially for the audience, warming up the concert with romance and love. The star singer then delighted guests with a surprise performance of a specially selected Cantonese classic – Red Sun – as an exceptional highlight moment for Macanese fans. As the melody of I Love Him began to float through the air at the end of the concert, Ding invited the audience to join her in singing, creating an atmospheric climax to the anniversary event.

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