“Stream of Consciousness” ART OSAKA 2017

Blanc ART

Over the weekend of the 7th-9th of July, ART OSAKA 2017 was held on the 26th floor at Hotel Granvia Osaka. The art fair opened with a VIP preview and after-party on the Friday, with 54 galleries in participation, exhibiting the finest of their collection in 64 hotel rooms. ART OSAKA is celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2017; as one of the largest Contemporary art fairs in Japan, ART OSAKA intended to showcase a large variety of contemporary art work in a home-like environment. Blanc Art proudly presented the works of Choi Su Weng, Justin Y, João Jorge Magalhães (SAH) and Silvère Jarrosson. Blanc Art received a bounteous amount of interests from the local art press, media and collectors; The response we received towards all our artists were enthusiastic, the visitors thoroughly enjoyed the humor and in-depth observation of João Jorge Magalhães, the elegant works of Silvère Jarrosson and the master pieces of scenery painter Choi Su Weng.

Choi’s works are rooted in the combination of modern Western painting concept and oriental art aesthetic; His creations are both descriptive and lyrical, grow intrinsically by describing the external from the internal, while exposing the intrinsic from the extrinsic, reflecting his psychological thoughts, emotions and life experiences. Former danseur Silvère Jarrosson uses the fluidity created with his unique dripping technique to form a unique and abstract scenery inspired by the physical movement of dancing, resulting in an elegantly magnificent image. João Jorge Magalhães’ works are vibrant; the subject of his work evolves around the idea of a quiet town transforming to a dynamic city, his akin manga forms of expression created coherence with the Japanese visitors.

The concept of Blanc Art’s theme refers to consciousness representing perspective or point of view. From the artworks of Choi Su Weng, Justin Y, João Jorge Magalhães (SAH) and Silvère Jarrosson, the chosen artworks provide the audience an experience to initiate a thought process that allows the individual to understand interpretations from the artists’ perspective. The idea behind our concept of “Stream of Consciousness” comes from the belief that the consciousness of individuals can be portrayed through various forms. By following the artworks of the four artists represented by Blanc Art at Art Osaka, the artists convey their consciousness through their diverse use of medium and techniques.

During the course of the art fair, one of Blanc Art’s virtuoso Justin Y traveled from Hong Kong to joined us in Osaka, providing the viewers first hand personal perspectives of his fine works. Justin Y is a self-taught Singaporean painter who is now based in Hong Kong. His works are vibrant and energetic, bold and vivid yet unpretentious, which truthfully reflects the pure heart. The only material he works with are the ones he can mold within his palm; The artist described his own work as “unpolished and raw”, and his emotions, relationships and memories are the initial drives of each piece. The creative process of art represents a life journey, it depicts and reflects the social issues of different cultures and changes from its surroundings.