“iFood Award 2017” Closes with Fulfilment


“iFood Award”, co-organised by iFood Macau, the made-in-Macau mobile app, as well as the Association of Quality Green Brand, was held for the second year in a row. The Award Ceremony was held today (29 July) at Hall A, CotaiExpo, The Venetian Macau. Representatives from more than 100 local restaurants attended the Ceremony. This year’s edition was remarkable as collaboration with the Macau Franchise Expo (MFE) was successfully orchestrated. All parties joined in line to support Macau’s dining culture and initiate the development of e-commerce. Nomination was collected between 20 March and 7 April in the form of on-street survey, as well as iFood’s official Wechat. Between 16 April and 30 June, the voting process took place on the official Facebook page and Wechat account of iFood. Above 500 local restaurants were nominated. In the course of voting, click rate reached 4 million times. Considering participation by the general public from commencement to closure, iFood Award is the first of its kind in Macau. Representatives from Macau Trade and Investment Promotion Institute, the Macau SAR Government Economic Services, the Food Safety Centre of the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau, the Science and Technology Development Fund of Macau, the Cultural Industry Fund, Companhia de Telecomunicações de Macau S.A.R.L. (CTM), Bank of China (Macau Branch), The Industry and Commerce Association of Macau, Hou Kong Junior Chamber, and Macau Youth Venture Development Association, among others, were present at the Ceremony to show their support. Also shown at the Ceremony was more than 10 local food stalls that offered food sampling. Guests of MFE and other participants had the chance to experience Macau in its multicultural dining.

Mr Lei Iam-leong, Chief Executive Officer of iFood Macau, said, “Led and participated by Macau citizens from nomination to voting, ‘iFood Award’ is Macau’s first major election in the dining industry. The demography of citizens’ preferences in term of food and beverage, surveyed through interaction with diners, is beneficial to improving the general dining quality. In the future, we will continue organising ‘iFood Award’, in the aspirations of becoming the Macau dining brand deeply rooted in people’s hearts, as well as of supporting the multifaceted development of the local tourism and dining industries.”

Beyond the existing “Annual Click-rate Award”, “Tourists’ Favourite Award”, and “My Favourite Classic Outlet Award”, additional awards such as “My Favourite Dish Award”, “Quality Service Restaurant Award”, and “My Favourite Hotel Restaurant Award” were also on the list, aiming to discover this year’s most representative food item and restaurant, besides pinpointing the restaurant with high service standard.

Major Winners of “iFood Award 2017”:
Annual Click-rate Award: Lok Sun Pot Rice, Hao Gong, Tamagoyaki, A’maze Bistro, and Seng Heng Kei.
Quality Service Restaurant Award: Lisboa Palace Restaurant, Ocean Club, Xiyuexuan Seafood Hotpot, Iao Tim Food Gallery, and Estabelecimento de Comidas Hou Hou Son.
Tourists’ Favourite Award: Estabelecimento De Comidas Wong Kun, Restaurant Soi Lou Weng, Tai Lei Loi Kei, Restaurante Dumbo, and Mok Yee Kei.
My Favourite Classic Outlet Award: Sun Yick Restaurant, Si Heung, Estabelecimento de Comidas Chu Kei, Sopa de Fitas Ving Kei, and Heng Kei Café.
My Favourite Hotel Restaurant Award: The St. Regis Bar, Bene, Privé, and Jin Yue Xuan Seafood City, among others.
My Favourite Dish Award:
Braised Fish Head by Yorohachi Japanese Restaurant (My Favourite Japanese Dish)
Roasted Duck with Black Pepper by Chan Kong Kei Casa de Pasto (My Favourite Chinese Roasted Dish)
Congee with Crab by Iat Gor Congee Shop (My Favourite Congee Dish)
Lava Bun by Dim Sum Factory (My Favourite Chinese Dim Sum)
Braised Chicken with Whole Abalone by Shun Hin Seafood Restaurant (My Favourite Chinese Dish), among others.