VAFA Video Art For All

VAFA 2016, organised by AFA and Orient Foundation, brings back to the public the only Macau international video art festival dedicated to the media expression in the contemporary arts field. With a record of 266 submissions this year’s open call provided the festival with an extensive variety of artworks by artists with different origins and backgrounds. It was not an easy task to decide on a final selection for the exhibition as well as for the two screenings.

The quality and new roads provided in the works submitted proved us that video art is very much alive and one of the most democratic and creative art forms at the moment. In order to create more recognition to the work of the artists that submitted to the open call VAFA added four honourable mentions besides the winner prize, extending the range of artists awarded to five. In this year’s open call we also have received a record on female artists submissions which bring us to a much desired balance on the genre of arts practitioners. More than that is the fact that on the eight finalists that make the exhibition all the five awards of this year are going to female artists (Belgium, China, Germany, Brazil and Sweden) breaking with the past and showing to everyone that their voices are rich in content and novelty.

On this fifth edition of VAFA the festival continues its collaboration with similar festivals around the world with a special conversation in a screening prepared by videoclub (UK) and Videotage (HK). In the past VAFA had collaborated with Videobrasil (Brazil), FUSO (Lisbon, Portugal), Proyector (Madrid, Spain), Danube Video Art (Austria).

On the last edition of VAFA it was also introduced the mode of direct invitation to artists which made it possible to show in Macau for the first time video art and film legends such as John Baldessari, Lawrence Weiner, William Wegman, Harun Farocki and Zhang Huang among others.

For this year our highlight on the invitation artist is the work of the Russian collective AES+F with two screenings and a talk by Tatiana Arzamasova the A in AES+F. Events made possible in collaboration with Art Statements gallery (Tokyo, HK).

VAFA aims to transform video art and film experience in Macau into a laboratory of emotions and perceptions made with moving images. With VAFA the viewer is part of the magical world of expanded cinema where he is offered the opportunity to discover and explore the interplay between the senses and new forms of communication.

VAFA Video Art For All

November 5 - 30, 2016
10am - 7pm

The only Macau international video art festival dedicated to the media expression in the contemporary arts field.