Sailing for Dream – Works by Kwok Woon

The Cultural Affairs Bureau organises the exhibition “Sailing for Dream — Works by Kwok Woon” at the Navy Yard No. 1, featuring over 40 works by the artist Kwok Woon. The opening ceremony will take place on 30 December, Friday at 6:30pm.

Artist Kwok Woon (1940-2003) was born in Guangdong, Mainland China, and came to Macao in the 1980s. Passionate about the arts, he devoted endless efforts to his dream of becoming an artist. After settling in Macao, he set up the “Círculo dos Amigos da Cultura de Macau” and dedicated himself to the promotion of the development of visual arts in the city; in 1997, he established and headed the Macao International Visual Arts Centre. He made a significant contribution to the exploration and exhibition of creative means of artistic expression and to the cultural exchange with several regions, and had a far-reaching impact on the stimulus to the development of Macao’s visual arts.

This exhibition features Kwok Woon’s most important works from the 1980s, 1990s and later years, which is a significant period in his artistic career. Kwok Woon dared to innovate, produce works by gathering materials with local characteristics throughout Macao and expanding, through the exploration of creative materials, the possibilities of creation. By means of painting, mixed materials and art installations, among other media of expression, he revealed his artistic vision as well as his perception and reflections on different cultural crossroads.

“Sailing for Dream - Works by Kwok Woon” is the first exhibition to take place at the Navy Yard No.1. Located at Rua de S. Tiago da Barra, the Navy Yard No.1, formerly known as Carlos I dock mechanical room, was the dock mechanical room of government in the past and was used for boat building and repairing. Therefore, it has special historical significance in Macao’s history. Kwok Woon’s works have a close relationship with Macao’s daily life and culture, and it is hoped that this exhibition brings the attention of artists, residents and tourists to an important artist of the city and encourage the population to explore the possibilities for development of local arts.

The exhibition runs from 31 December 2016 to 23 April 2017 at the Navy Yard No.1, located at Rua de S. Tiago da Barra, daily from 10am to 7pm, closing on Mondays. Admission is free. For more information, please call 8988 4000, during office hours.

Sailing for Dream – Works by Kwok Woon

December 31, 2016 - April 23, 2017
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Free Admission