ROLLOUT Dance Film Festival

The first ROLLOUT Dance Film Festival will take place from 16 to 18 Dec (Fri to Sun) this year at various venues including Cinematheque・Passion, iCentre and T Theatre. ROLLOUT Dance Film Festival is co-organized by Ieng Chi Dance Association, Point View Art Association and Concept Pulse Studio, promoting this art form in Macao and screening a collection of dance films submitted from 35 countries and regions, as well as special selections from local and international productions. Other Festival activities include focus talks with local film artists and screening tours, which helps to build a platform among the public, dance and video artists, to know this art form better and develop constructive discussions about it.

ROLLOUT Screening Collection
The 2016 ROLLOUT screening collection includes dance films selected from both the ROLLOUT award-campaign and screening submissions, local dance documentaries, as well as world selections as recommended by the Hong Kong Jumping Frames International Dance Film Festival and the VIDE-O Festival of Video and Dance in Brazil.

ROLLOUT Award Campaign
The ROLLOUT open call for submission took place from September to 1st Nov 2016, with a result of dance films from 35 countries and regions submitted for both the award campaign and screening selections. The ROLLOUT International Jury is composed of the following members - Mr Raymond Wong, curator of the Hong Kong Jumping Frames International Dance Festival, Mr. Alberto Magno Santos, curator of the VIDE-O Festival of Video and Dance in Brazil, Ms. Helen Sky, founder of Dancehouse in Melbourne, the contemporary dance pioneer Prof. Sunny Kam Yiu Pang from the University of Macao and the ROLLOUT curators. After rounds of selection, 61 dance films were shortlisted as finalists for the Campaign Screening Sessions and candidates for the ROLLOUT Awards: the ROLLOUT Jury Award, the ROLLOUT Jury Recommendation Awards and the ROLLOUT Audience Choice Award. The results of the awards will be announced on 18 Dec at the ROLLOUT Closing Ceremony. All these local and international contestant films will be screened on 17 Dec and the audience will vote for their favorites for the Audience Choice Award.

ROLLOUT Dance Docu-Power
The Festival will screen three dance documentaries, the Macao premier of “Mr. Gaga”, the Hong Kong legendary “Boy Story” and “When I Dance” from Germany which brings the topic of refugees to the society. They all reflected the importance of this genre in the development of the dance industry.

Macao premier “Mr Gaga” is the opening film of the Festival and will be screened with Chinese subtitles on 16 Dec at Cinematheque・Passion. Eight years in the making, the acclaimed director Tomer Heymann captures the fascinating story of an artistic genius who redefined the language of modern dance, Ohad Naharin, renowned choreographer and artistic director of the Batsheva Dance Company. “Boy Story” by Maurice Lai from Hong Kong will be screened on the 18 Dec at T Theatre. It documented the 1996 legendary dance piece of “Boy Story” by the acclaimed choreographer, Yuri Ng, which tells the story of struggles of Malaysian Chinese dancers and recorded half of Hong Kong’s dance history. The dance piece itself toured to Japan and France and won the Prix d’Auteur at the 6th Rencontres Choreographiques Internationale de Seine-St-Denis, Bagnolet. The dance film received great applauses when premiered at the Jumping Frames International Dance Film Festival this year and screened again last week at Hong Kong Week in Taipei. “When I Dance” by Daniela Lucato from Germany will also be screened on 18 Dec at iCentre. It tells stories from refugees who live or have lived in camps outside Berlin and explores the possibility of the body to tell stories, deleting social and ethnic distinctions, and connecting people from different groups.

ROLLOUT World Selection
The ROLLOUT World Selection includes dance films recommended by the Hong Kong Jumping Frames International Dance Film Festival and the VIDE-O Festival of Video and Dance in Brazil. Ten dance shorts from Mexico, Germany, Hong Kong, Finland and Brazil etc will be screened through two programmes on 18 Dec at iCentre. The World Selection also includes dance films from the ROLLOUT submissions, forming the programmes Asian and European Vibrations, with films from Taiwan, Israel, Slovenia, Portugal and Greece. One of these powerful vibrations comes from “The Beautiful Day” by Comuna de Pedra from Macao.

ROLLOUT Venues and Ticketing
The ROLLOUT Dance Film Festival aims at initiating a constructive discussion about the art form as well promoting related creations in Macao. The screenings will be held at various venues who show their support for the Festival, including the Cinematheque・Passion next to the infamous St. Pauls Ruins, and iCentre and T Theatre at the Nape region in Macao. In addition to a number of free admission programs, interested parties can purchase their tickets through (Tel: 65391793). While each paid session costs 50 MOP, the audience can also choose to purchase the ROLLPASS at 200 MOP, which encompasses a list of offers such as viewing all paid sessions, premier reservation at free admission sessions and a free refreshment session on 18 Dec.

Joint Curators : Chloe Lao | Mary Wong | Erik Kuong
Guest Curators: Raymond Wong|Alberto Magno Santos
Joint Curators : Chloe Lao | Mary Wong | Erik Kuong
Guest Curators : Raymond Wong | Alberto Magno Santos
Organisers : Ieng Chi Dance Association | Concept Pulse Studio | Point View Art Association
Co-Organiser: iCentre
Programme Partners : Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival | VIDE-O Festival de Vídeo e Dança | Creative Links ltd.
Partners : Hong Kong City Contemporary Dance Company |University of Macao Dance Troupe
Venue Partners:TDSM|T Theatre
Sponsor : Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao S.A.R. Government
Technical Guidance : Inspiration 4C ltd.
Supported by : NOVAE | Mojito Culture, Ltd.

ROLLOUT Dance Film Festival

Dec 16-18