Giulio Acconci was born in Macau, China, in 1972. His father was Oseo Acconci, an Italian sculptor turned building constructor, whose many works can still be seen around Macau, one of which being the Estoril bathing woman mosaic façade.

As a child he studied at Santa Rosa primary school. He completed his primary and secondary studies in Yuet Wah College, graduating in 1989. The same year he moved to Italy where he studied Italian while working as a painter in a woodwork company based in Incisa Valdarno. In 1990 he began work as an assistant painter to Agostino Dessi, a renowned venetian mask maker who’s atelier is situated in the historical centre of Florence. A year later he enrolled in the Istituto Spinelli for graphic design.

Before completing his course in 1993 he began work as a graphic designer for Sesamo Communicazione Visiva in Figline Valdarno. In 1995, his decision to pursue his other passion, music, together with his twin brother, brought him to Saluzzo, a small town in the province of Cuneo, near Torino. While working on his music, he continued working as a freelance graphic designer for advertisement projects in Saluzzo, Cuneo and Torino. His musical career brought him to London where he continued his work as a graphic designer in BT Openworld internet portal. In 2000 he moved back to Macau, where he worked as a free-lance graphic designer until 2003. Soon afterwards his music career took off.

In 2016, he began to explore his first passion, painting. With watercolour as his primary medium, he is developing a language of his own, drawing also from his experience as a graphic designer.

'Mazu' is Giulio Acconci's first solo exhibition.

Exhibition period: 27 June – 27 July 2017 (Closed Mondays)
Time: 1:30pm -5:00pm
Venue: Macau Design Centre, Travessa da Fabrica, No 5. Macau
澳門設計中心, 澳門製造廠巷5號 +853 2852 0335


Until July 27

A Solo Exhibition by Giulio Acconci