ESTHER, a Grandiose Musical Production

ESTHER, a Grandiose Musical Production – in English, which involves a collective of Pui Ching Middle School, Macau and CICE Educators alongside a cast of over 100 Primary students and the Concert Band Ensemble, has the goal of raising fund for the “Associação Comunidade de Jesus Cristo Vale da Benção” of Portugal.

This non-profit organization sends its workers to different parts of Portugal. They advocate helping poor and broken families, alongside the orphans and the needy, in the margins of achieving solidarity within the community.
In last year’s campaign, around MOP 500,000 was raised for its beneficiary “Africa.”

The accumulated sum was wholeheartedly handed over to the “Watoto Child Care Ministries.” The Organization oversees and cares for the orphans and the helpless women of Uganda.

Once again empowered by the Centre for International Cooperation in Education (CICE), this year’s production “Esther,” speaks in Biblical tones of an Orphaned- Jewish maiden turned Queen of Persia.
At the peak of their strife, she would later guide her people away from total annihilation and destruction within the confines of their Persian contradictors and oppressors.

As the story goes, “With Faith, Hope, Love and Courage… Nothing is Impossible!” And this is what happens. All tickets are sold and Dr Kou Kam Fai, Principal of Pui Ching Middle School, expressed gratitude towards donors from all walks of life, parents and teachers for supporting Pui Ching students in this charitable event. His favourite biblical verse “Love one another as you love yourself” is exactly what drives the whole event where donations for the big forest fire in Pedrógão Grande is also witnessed.

The adapted play, dubbed by the team as “We are One,” has touches of humorous moments, colorful costumes, dance choreographies, and of course Theatrical Arts. In perspective, Esther is bound to bring out the whimsically funny and inspirational moments of the young and the young-at-heart!

As an add-on, taking part in contributing this very same cause, Football Club Association FC Porto alongside its representative, will be flying directly from Portugal to allocate Signed Shirts to further boost funding for the Charity.
The Adventure-Musical Adaptation, Esther, will take place on the 1st of July (from 20:00 -21:30) at the Hall of Pui Ching Middle School of Macau.

ESTHER, a Grandiose Musical Production

July 1st

PuiChing Children’s Big Heart for Portugal